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Why Work With Us

In October of 2016, Jeff had a personal experience that influenced the way he thought about wealth management. After his mother's passing, his father suddenly became responsible for paying bills, managing cash flow, income taxes and investment decisions, most of which his mother handled while she was alive. Then, suddenly and during this emotionally heightened time, his father had to assume his mother’s role and take control of his legal, tax, and financial affairs.

Fortunately, his parents’ legal and financial affairs were in order.  They had a wealth management plan and having Jeff as a trusted advisor helped immensely.  But, it really reminded Jeff of the many financial concerns and challenges families face, not solely during their lives, but also when the primarily responsible party dies or becomes incapacitated.

Our mission at V.I.P. Financial Matters, LLC is to help clients simplify their financial lives through the creation of a wealth management plan that coordinates these legal, tax, and financial issues. We focus on the accumulation, protection, and transfer of wealth. In fulfilling this mission, we often answer questions such as:

  • What is my Risk Number and how does my portfolio compare?
  • How can I assure you that I won't run out of money during my lifetime?
  • If something happened today and I was unable to manage my financial affairs, what would tomorrow look like for my heirs?
  • Can I see all of my accounts in a single place, even if held at different institutions?
  • Is my portfolio tax-efficient?
  • What is my lasting legacy?
  • Do I have a proper investment strategy?
  • Do I have a written financial plan that remains current as markets fluctuate?
  • Can I reduce probate costs and inheritance taxes? 

We are advocates for your law and money matters, and we walk with you every step of the way. We apply the fiduciary standard, which means that we put the best interests of our clients first. We are process-driven, not product-driven, so we are able to focus all of our energy on solutions to meet your needs and goals.  Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation, with no obligation.